Partnerships & Community Pipelines | Trinity Rescue Mission

Duval Asphalt proudly supports its community through collaboration with local organizations. These partnerships provide resources and skills to help residents of north Florida forge a path to a better, more sustainable future. Together we amplify our impact, fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility that resonates through the community, ultimately contributing to a brighter and more equitable life for all.

Since 1962 Trinity Rescue Mission has served the needs of homeless men and women offering a chance for a fresh start. Today, Trinity Rescue Mission operates as an independent, non-profit organization, and Trinity Baptist Church is its key ministry partner.

Duval Asphalt currently employees three program participants. The participants’ supervisors have taken a mentoring role with these employees, and Duval Asphalt works to assist them in transitioning successfully out of the program to an independent life, getting back on their feet.

“Working at Duval has helped me get back on my feet by providing me with an employment opportunity and giving me steady hours to work with. My immediate supervisor is always hands on and will help me with anything I need. I have been encouraged to work on getting my CDL permit and plan on working on that in the near future.” – Daniel, Duval Asphalt employee, Plant Laborer

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