Partnerships & Community Pipelines | Hispanic Community Program

Duval Asphalt proudly supports its community through collaboration with local organizations. These partnerships provide resources and skills to help residents of north Florida forge a path to a better, more sustainable future. Together we amplify our impact, fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility that resonates through the community, ultimately contributing to a brighter and more equitable life for all.

To further amplify our impact, team members at Duval Asphalt have internally developed and executed the Hispanic Community Program. This program provides beginner, intermediate and advanced weekly English classes to assist our Spanish-speaking employees.

“Since starting our Hispanic program, it has shown to help in developing our current workforce by providing additional staff that have many characteristics that we pride ourselves in such as strong work ethic and loyalty. Although being migrants they show their desire to advance at Duval Asphalt by utilizing the tools we provide them with. Watching their continued growth has been a very rewarding journey in itself. Duval Asphalt truly gives second chances.” – Yankela Cuartas, Duval Asphalt Director of Recruitment & Workforce Development

Our mission is to provide employment opportunities for foreign workers while helping them embrace the American culture and English language as they have transitioned to a new country to create an opportunity for themselves and their families. Through this program we provide tools and pathways to assist with their success, including educational materials and community contacts to help them adapt.

“English classes have helped me in developing better in my job and gain knowledge. Working at Duval Asphalt has been a great blessing for me now that my hours allow me to do things that I wasn’t able to do before like spend time with my family as well as helping my physical health. There is a great work-life balance.” – Yesica Hernandez, Duval Asphalt employee, Scale House

Currently there are over 20 employees participating in the program.