Asphalt Regeneration

Duval Asphalt knows that performing routine and preventative maintenance is the key to making your pavement investment last.  This is why we are partnering with Blacklidge to provide you with the high performance surface regeneration product, ReGenX®.  

Blacklidge’s ReGenX® is an age-regenerating surface treatment that is sprayed onto existing asphalt pavements using conventional distributor trucks or other common applicator systems. The ReGenX emulsion dries on the pavement surface leaving a thin layer of asphalt regenerating agents. These agents slowly penetrate the pavement, “healing” the aged and oxidized asphalt along the way.

Asphalt core showing the ReGenX penetrates the surface of the asphalt pavement

Routine treatment with ReGenX every 4-5 years greatly extends the life of pavements.

ReGenX is not just a topical treatment that covers up damaged asphalt pavement. Instead, ReGenX penetrates the existing pavement to chemically restore aged asphalt binder. The result is a renewed surface layer with years of additional service life.

Key Benefits

  • Does not require re-striping – ReGenX leaves a clear coating that does not cover stripes
  • Reverses adverse effects of asphalt oxidation in pavements
  • Penetrates asphalt to a depth of 3/8″

  • Extends the life of pavement surfaces
  • Improves durability of asphalt by mitigating effects of aging
  • Extends pavement life – Routine treatment every 4-5 years greatly extends the life of pavements

Why ReGenX?

ReGenX is not just a topical treatment that covers up the damaged asphalt pavement, instead ReGenX penetrates the existing pavement to chemically restore the aged asphalt binder. The result is a renewed surface layer with years of additional service life.

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