Awards & Commendations

Since our inception, Duval Asphalt has received more than 140 National and State Awards and Commendations!  That is more than any other asphalt manufacturer in the country!  Explore the menu below to learn about the most recognizable awards and commendations and what each means. 

Duval Asphalt

Diamond Achievement Commendation

Since 1999, Duval Asphalt has received more than 39 Diamond Achievement Commendations Patterns of growth all over the country have placed many asphalt plants in

Duval Asphalt

Diamond Paving Commendation

Duval Asphalt was one of the first asphalt manufacturers to receive the Diamond Paving Commendation the year of its debut. We have received this commendation

Duval Asphalt

Diamond Quality Commendation

Duval Asphalt has received 18 Diamond Quality Commendations since the program began in 2009. The Diamond Quality Commendation focuses on plant practices resulting in excellent

National Asphalt Pavement Association
Duval Asphalt

NAPA Ecological Award

Since 1991, Duval Asphalt has received more than a dozen Ecological Awards NAPA’s Ecological Awards recognize asphalt production facilities that best demonstrate safe and responsible

Asphalt: Florida Rides on Us
Duval Asphalt

ACAF Excellence in Paving Awards

Duval Asphalt has received over half a dozen Excellence in Paving Awards from the Asphalt Contractors Association of Florida for such projects as: Rehabilitation NE