Grading Services

New asphalt is only as good as what is beneath it.  Duval Asphalt takes quality seriously, and it is for this reason we offer Grading Services for all your new asphalt construction projects including roadways, parking lots and residential driveways.  Grading is not simply achieving the right elevations on your project; it is imperative to have structural stability for your new roadways and parking lots to offer a smooth, stable ride for your customers and residents for years to come.  Our experienced team members bring years of knowledge and skill to ensure the highest quality project.  Our grading equipment and laser technology help achieve proper construction on all projects, both commercial and residential.


Grading Process

There are five basic steps to our Grading process: 

  1. Cut Subgrade
  2. Stabilize Subgrade
  3. Cut Curb Pad
  4. Install & Finish Base
  5. Prime

The first step in all grading projects is preparing the subgrade.  This is when we cut and balance the subgrade.  Then, stabilize the subgrade and compact it to reach density requirements.  Once this is achieved we cut curb pad then finish grading for base installation.  Proper finish grading is essential to a proper paving project.  It is crucial that proper grade, slope and drainage are achieved in order to maximize the pavement’s life.  Improper drainage can lead to flooding, ponding and standing water.

Once the finish grading of the subgrade is complete, we dump, spread and compact the base material.  We finish grading the base, paying careful attention to the grade and slope, then prime the material if required.

All of our grading projects are backed by our Duval Asphalt Warranty.

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