Partnerships & Community Pipelines | Bridges of America

Duval Asphalt proudly supports its community through collaboration with local organizations. These partnerships provide resources and skills to help residents of north Florida forge a path to a better, more sustainable future. Together we amplify our impact, fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility that resonates through the community, ultimately contributing to a brighter and more equitable life for all.

Bridges of America was founded in 1980 and is the largest, oldest and most successful private provider of re-entry programming in the state of Florida, providing a continuum of care in Residential Substance Abuse Treatment programs, Transition Center, Community Release Centers and Community Re-entry Services Transitional Housing.

Duval Asphalt currently employs eight Bridges program participants, all of whom stand out as extremely dedicated and hard workers. We believe in providing second chances, and once participants graduate from the program, the team at Duval Asphalt helps them transition to official, full-time Duval Asphalt employees.

“Duval Asphalt and the Bridges program has helped me transition into society again; they have taught me how to make an honest living, and I’ve been able to prove to myself that I have a good and hard work ethic and am able to make an honest living out of myself.” – Omar, Duval Asphalt employee, Screed Operator

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