Other Services Provided by Duval Asphalt

Crack Relief

Crack Relief is a proven and effective treatment to delay cracks from reflecting up through new asphalt overlays. The process involves applying hot liquid asphalt to the existing surface and then covering it with one half-inch of rock prior to the overlay. The liquid asphalt and rock mixture is designed to bridge the gaps in existing cracks. This process minimizes the effects of expansion and contraction that will eventually cause these cracks to show through the newly overlaid surface.


We feature trackless prime – hot emulsified asphalt sprayed over base prior to paving operations. Because it is sometimes difficult to coordinate the scheduling of paving in conjunction with the finishing of base, it is quite possible the base could sit for several days before it can be paved. Prime is a protective coating that helps maintain moisture levels in the base protecting the finish until it can be paved. Our new trackless prime needs no sand and allows us to open up primed areas to traffic as soon as it dries, without the worry of it tracking.

Base Installation and Repair

Possibly the most important aspect to remember about your new pavement is that asphalt is only as good as the base under it. Proper base installation is a critical component to ensure your asphalt surface reaches its proper life expectancy. Without a proper base, asphalt will deteriorate at a much faster rate, requiring years of costly repairs. Consult with a professional representative from Duval Asphalt to ensure proper recommendations and installation of base.

Surface Treatment

Surface treatment is similar to the liquid asphalt rock mixture used for Crack Relief. It is applied over any existing base to help protect and preserve the base while providing a rustic, ride-able, low maintenance surface. It is great for private driveways and low speed roads.