Duval Asphalt Summer Program for Field Employees

Florida is notorious for being hot and humid throughout the year, and during the summer, it is not uncommon for temperatures to break 100oF on any given day. Other parts of the country experience heat waves during their paving seasons as well, and there are many ways to leverage technologies to boost the morale and health of hard-working employees out in unfavorable conditions.

The Environmental, Health & Safety team at Duval Asphalt has implemented a Summer Program as part of its Heat Stress Prevention Initiative for its workforce. The program includes hot summer kits, hydration stations, cooling tours and heat prevention product resources and references, such as the OSHA Heat Index app. This Summer Program aligns with the recent NEP from OSHA regarding heat illness and heat prevention.

The hot summer kits include cooling PPE for plant and crew members: floppy brimmed hats, freezer electrolyte pops, disposable cellulose cooling bands and Cold SnapTM cooling towels. Paving crews also receive umbrellas to set up (when allowed by specific job requirements) with hydration stations. Along with the umbrella the hydration station is equipped with two coolers – one filled with ice water, the other filled with an electrolyte drink, ice pops and fruit.

“I’m proud of this program and the cooperation of the entire Duval Asphalt team in its implementation,” said Duval Asphalt EHS Director, Coral Todd. “Crew members are appreciative of these efforts and have even added their own ‘tips and tricks of the trade’ regarding heat prevention. Many foremen bring frozen fruit and watermelon to the job sites, and crew members bring jars of pickles, coconut water and apple cider vinegar sports drinks to help stay hydrated.”

By executing this program, the team at Duval Asphalt has successfully leveraged different technologies to help its workforce. The plant and paving crews are the heartbeat of Duval Asphalt, and it is imperative to provide all the resources necessary to keep everyone healthy and hydrated!