Jacksonville Baldwin Rail Trail | Jacksonville, Florida

Milling and resurfacing 10.8 miles of the 14.5 mile Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail just north of I-10 from Hannah Road going west to Brandy Branch Road. This trail is part of a nation-wide, federally initiated “Rails to Trails” program. There are two paths – one unpaved equestrian trail and one newly paved for walking, jogging, skating and biking.

There were a few challenges on this project. There is a bridge on the east end of the trail that was too narrow for the paver to get through. This whole area had to be hand-worked by the crew. Another challenge is the lack of entry points on the trail. Dump trucks had to patiently wait as only one could enter the trail at a time to deliver the asphalt. The trucks would have to back up (up to 2 miles!) to get to the paver to dispense the hot mix asphalt. The next truck could not take its place at the paver until the empty truck left the trail.

Pets are allowed on the trail, and three restrooms are located throughout. This trail provides ample opportunity for bird watching and wildlife spotting, and you may be surprised how peaceful this area of Jacksonville is, not too far from the busy downtown!