I-10 (SR8)

I-10 at U.S. 301 Improvements

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) started work in late February 2016 on a project on the Interstate 10 and U.S. 301 interchange near Baldwin. The reconstruction project is designed to accommodate increased truck traffic making the northbound U.S. 301 to eastbound I-10 movement. Northbound trucks using U.S. 301 are primarily heading to Jacksonville or points north.

“This route is a critical part of the regional transportation network,” said Pete Sheridan of VIA Consulting Services, which will oversee the construction.

The interchange project includes new ramps and bridges to correct the following deficiencies:

  • Substandard loop ramps
  • Insufficient deceleration ramp length
  • Insufficient queue storage on U.S. 301
  • A short weaving distance between loop ramps and southbound U.S. 301
  • Substandard vertical clearance under the bridges

I-10 and U.S. 301 improvements include:

  • Reconstruct the entrance ramp from U.S. 301 southbound to I-10 eastbound in the southwest quadrant of the interchange which will ultimately merge into the single-lane entrance ramp from U.S. 301 northbound to I-10 eastbound providing dual lanes and allow for merge room onto I-10.
  • Construct a new single-lane entrance ramp from U.S. 301 northbound to I-10 eastbound in the southeast quadrant of the interchange which will ultimately merge into the entrance ramp from U.S. 301 southbound to I-10 eastbound providing dual lanes and allow for merge room onto I-10.  This will ultimately eliminate the current left turn movement at the signal and allow a free-flowing right turn lane.
  • Realign and widen the exit ramp from I-10 eastbound to U.S. 301 from a single left turn lane to a dual left turn lane to U.S. 301 northbound and maintain a single right turn lane to U.S. 301 southbound.
  • Construct a new single-lane exit ramp from I-10 westbound to U.S. 301 in the northeast quadrant. The ramp will ultimately split allowing for separate exit ramps for northbound and southbound U.S. 301 traffic. The new ramp design will provide a dual right turn lane controlled by a signal for northbound U.S. 301 and provide a two-lane ramp controlled by a signal for southbound U.S. 301. The new ramp will also improve I-10 westbound and provide more capacity during peak times.
  • Realign the westbound entrance ramp from U.S. 301 southbound to I-10 westbound in the northwest quadrant controlled by a yield sign.
  • Reconstruct turn lanes which will extend and/or eliminate both left and right turn lanes at the interchange.

 Watch the project video on YouTube

  • Project Start:  Late February 2016
  • Expected Completion:  Late Fall 2020
  • Contractor: Superior Construction
  • Sub-Contractor: Duval Asphalt Products, Inc.
Aerial Photo of construction of I-10 and US 301 Interchange Improvements