I-95 and SR 202 (J.T. Butler Blvd) Interchange

Construction at I-95 and SR 202 (J.T Butler Blvd.) began in November 2014 and is scheduled for completion in Summer 2017. Duval Asphalt is providing the asphalt paving portion for the following roadway improvements included as part of the project:

– Widening, reconstruction, and/or milling and resurfacing of SR 202 between US 1 (Philips Highway) to approximately 2,800’ east of Belfort Road.
– Widening or full reconstruction of I-95 within the limits of the interchange.
– Widening and/or reconstruction of the I-95 and SR 202 on / off ramps, which includes the reconstruction of the I-95 northbound off ramp to accommodate a westbound SR 202 turning movement.
– Construction of a new two-lane, 1400’ long, flyover bridge to accommodate I-95 southbound to SR 202 eastbound traffic.
– Reconstruction of the I-95 over SR202 mainline bridges.
– Construction of a new roadway configuration and new bridge to eliminate the existing weave interactions along SR 202 westbound at the I-95 northbound ramp.
– Permanently close the access to Salisbury Road North from SR 202 westbound.
– Reconstruction of the SR 202/Salisbury Road South intersection to provide right-in, right-out movements.
– Widening, full reconstruction, and/or milling and resurfacing of Salisbury Road South within the specified limits.
– Construction of noise walls along SR 202 westbound, I-95 northbound and I-95 southbound.
– Construction of new signalization along SR 202 at US 1 (Philips Highway), Bonneval Road, and the I-95 northbound and southbound off ramps.

Jacksonville Road Construction Complete on JTB Interchange