Employee Training Continues with Dr. Vince Hafeli, DEP and Crestcom Leadership

Duval Asphalt and Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering (ATS) are committed to providing avenues for continued growth for our team members! The monthly trainings at Duval Asphalt and ATS continue, and this month the teams traveled off site – one group attended a discussion on mental health awareness with Dr. Vince Hafeli, then completed a training exercise with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) learning to minimize environmental impacts on our community when working out on our job sites.

Dr. Hafeli is a national leader in discussing mental health and transformational leadership. The construction industry faces many unique challenges in addressing mental health issues, many that Dr. Hafeli experienced firsthand in his journey. Driven by the desire to prevent others from experiencing the pain he endured, Dr. Hafeli is a powerful reminder that mental health issues can affect anyone, regardless of their success or position. By turning his personal struggles into a platform for advocacy, Dr. Hafeli has made a lasting impact on the construction industry, helping to create a more compassionate and supportive environment for all workers.1

“You can’t fix what you don’t know,” Dr. Hafeli says about why he works so hard to bring mental health issues to the forefront of the construction industry. There is no magic or one size fits all solution, but he says the simple act of talking saves lives.1

Following Dr. Hafeli, members from the DEP presented to the team about the importance of committing to being a friendly neighbor. Employees learned how to minimize environmental impacts on our community and natural ecosystem. Essential topics were covered such as runoff, pollutions sources, and effective pollution reduction methods.

Training highlights included an interactive enviroscape model so the team could visualize pollutant sources and their environmental paths. Volunteers “polluted” the environscape with numerous sources such as trash and fertilization, using marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles!

The team also developed creative strategies to reduce stormwater runoff using best management practices through 3-D printed construction sites. These exercises empowered our team members to make informed decisions that comply with DEP regulations and enhance community relations!

During these trainings, Duval Asphalt and ATS leaders attended their monthly Crestcom Leadership Development training class with Tony Davis. This 12-month course is so important to our team and company to help improve employee engagement and productivity while fostering adaptability and better decision-making. This month focused on two modules: TRUST: The Leadership Differentiator and Captivate Your Customer. Customers refer to both external and internal customers (employees) – this module highlights how every customer interaction is a “Moment of Truth” and out of those interactions can come “Moments of Magic” or “Moments of Misery!”

Tony Davis coaches our team members to become better leaders within Duval Asphalt and ATS, and also holds them accountable. Following each monthly session, Tony meets with the team to discuss how the skills learned in the previous session were applied in real world scenarios! Measured development + implementation plan + accountability = RESULTS!

1source: https://www.conexpoconagg.com/news/dr-vince-hafeli%E2%80%99s-mission-to-save-an-industry