Asphalt Talk

Duval Asphalt could not be more excited to have partnered with Bobby White, the Basketball Cop Foundation, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, and Celebration Church

Did you know Duval Asphalt offers grading services?

$2,500* per day flat rate or $1.85/SY – Finish Grade Parking Lot $1.40/SY – Finish Grade Roadway $1.25/SY – Cut Sub-Grade & Spread rock *Mobilization Fee: $800 *Projects under 5,000/SY are flat rate fee Benefits of Grading / Paving Packages – Eliminates Asphalt Over-runs – Eliminates Cross Slope Issues – Minimizes Arguing Points

Don’t be fooled… Know your asphalt contractor!

It happens every year, a new no-name asphalt paving and maintenance company comes to Jacksonville. Some of these asphalt businesses are local start-ups, some are travelers looking for work during the harsh winter months when street paving is impossible in the northern states. Many of these people are honest, hard-working individuals just trying to make a …

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