Jacksonville Street Construction Awards

Since 1999, Duval Asphalt has received more than 39 Diamond Achievement Commendations Patterns of growth all over the country.

Diamond Achievement Commendation

Since 1999, Duval Asphalt has received more than 39 Diamond Achievement Commendations Patterns of growth all over the country have placed many asphalt plants in the midst of communities. This development makes it imperative that asphalt plants demonstrate good corporate citizenship and neighbor-friendly operations. To assist asphalt companies in reaching these goals, and to provide …

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Diamond Paving Commendation

Duval Asphalt was one of the first asphalt manufacturers to receive the Diamond Paving Commendation the year of its debut. We have received this commendation every year since. The Diamond Paving Commendation recognizes, through self-assessment, a company whose paving crews demonstrate best practices that result in excellent product quality and ensure safety. Uphold quality of …

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Diamond Quality Commendation

Duval Asphalt has received 18 Diamond Quality Commendations since the program began in 2009. The Diamond Quality Commendation focuses on plant practices resulting in excellent product quality. The Diamond Quality Commendation extends the idea of a blueprint for excellence to the pavement material that is produced. The commendation evaluates quality management; RAP, RAS and aggregate …

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National Asphalt Pavement Association

NAPA Ecological Award

Since 1991, Duval Asphalt has received more than a dozen Ecological Awards NAPA’s Ecological Awards recognize asphalt production facilities that best demonstrate safe and responsible environmental practices. Facilities are judged on their design layout, clean operation, maintenance performance practices, and community activities. Winners must first earn a Diamond Achievement Commendation by establishing adherence to best …

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Quality in Construction Award: Asphalt Pavements under 50,000 tons

Quality in Construction – Under 50,000 Tons

Over the last 2 decades, Duval Asphalt has received almost 60 Quality in Construction awards for paving projects all over Northeast Florida. NAPA’s Quality in Construction Awards recognize exemplary quality asphalt pavements. All pavements – roads, highways, commercial parking lots – are eligible for a Quality in Construction Award. This award recognizes asphalt pavements that …

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Asphalt: Florida Rides on Us

ACAF Excellence in Paving Awards

Duval Asphalt has received over half a dozen Excellence in Paving Awards from the Asphalt Contractors Association of Florida for such projects as: Rehabilitation NE Apron & Taxilane at Herlong Airport in Jacksonville, FL Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport, Fernandina Beach, FL Runway 5-23 at Craig Executive Airport Jacksonville, FL SR-5A (Kings St. and Avenida Menendez), …

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